Are you being a big fu%$&ng scary gorilla business owner?

Written by Brad | JULY 2017 | Reading time = 2m05s.

It wasn’t all that long ago when marketing was used only by the big franchise-owned health, fitness and nutrition industry leaders. These were, after all, the only businesses with the resources to spread their message and brand to the masses.

But times change. Social media and ease of access to the digital space have enabled smaller, independent businesses like yours to spread word of your brand through various online marketing channels.

Because of this, we’ve managed to create a new problem: shitty mass marketing

You see, when marketing was limited to the big companies, it was expensive. And when marketing was expensive, it was done with care. Individuals and teams entrusted with marketing budgets placed emphasis on quality output, long-term strategy and audience selection.

Fast forward to today. We are continually bombarded with marketing messages. The big problem is not actually the amount of marketing, but rather the amount of poor quality and irrelevant marketing we are hit with.

Today, because noise is everywhere, we’re all surrounded by a screaming horde, an open-outcry marketplace of ideas where the race to be heard appears to be the only race that matters. And so subtlety flies out the window, along with a desire to engage for the long haul. Just a troop of gorillas, all arguing over the last remaining banana. Seth Godin

Most businesses today are focusing on more, more, more. More posting, more content, more marketing, more noise. But more noise in an already noisy space isn’t the answer. Find your niche market, your smallest possible quality audience, your gold nuggets, and focus on providing them with quality content.

Check out this blog on creating and leveraging a unique selling proposition here.

Maybe Facebook limiting the organic reach isn’t such a bad thing after all? The truth is, if you really focus on quality over quantity, depth over width, your market will find you and your content. I think that deep down most businesses know and understand this. It just takes more time and belief than they are willing to initially invest.


SHOUT OUT: This article was almost entirely stolen from Seth Godin’s blog. He’s a legend. Check him out.

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