How do I attract a wider audience and more qualified leads using marketing automation?

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Let’s imagine for a second that you’ve just opened your own smoothie shack in a small town with a grand population of 100. You know that 99 people living in the town are crazy for banana milkshakes. Love them. There is one person however, against the grain, who really loves blueberry smoothies. You’ve decided to purchase a large billboard just a block from the shack. Would you strap up a huge advertisement of a blueberry smoothie? You wouldn’t. And while this sounds stupid, there is a very good chance that you and most of your competitors are making the same mistake with your approach to marketing. You are appealing to only a fraction of your potential market.

Around 80% of your new online visitors are in the awareness stage of the buying cycle, meaning they are only vaguely interested in your product or service, and have no immediate plans to make a purchasing decision anytime soon. 15% are in the consideration stage, meaning they are definitely interested in the product or service you are offering, but will be doing a lot more browsing before making a purchasing decision. That leaves  5% who are ready to make a purchasing decision now, but still haven’t necessarily decided on a business or provider. Of this 5%, less than 1% have come ready to buy from you.


Believe it or not, most businesses have a marketing framework designed to sell primarily to the negative 1%. These are the businesses advertising blueberry smoothies in a town of banana lovers. The good news, is that through redesigning your marketing framework, and with the help of marketing automation, you can change this. Just because a client isn’t ready to purchase your product or service right now, it doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

Free educational material, improved contact and chat features, and effectively advertised and followed-up free trials or heavily discounted introductory offers are all great ways to broaden the entry of attraction for a potential client. With a little work, you can completely adjust your marketing framework in order to account for the 95% of your audience who would otherwise go unattended to. Smart businesses have implemented strategies to automate marketing in order to appeal to the wider 80%, freeing up time to deliver a more personalised outreach to those more closely positioned to a purchasing decision.

Let’s look at some specific ways you can appeal to a wider audience and generate more qualified leads through marketing automation.

1. Passive, free, educational material about your industry or service. (Awareness Stage)

This could include anything from a blog series about your industry, to a video tutorial. If possible, it’s great to exchange high-quality educational material for an email address. However, you don’t want to be aggressive toward this audience segment right away. Keep their details stored for future interactions.

This process can be completely automated. The prospect fills in a form, the content is delivered immediately to their inbox. This is a really fundamental feature that should be provided by your automation software. You will generally need to upload the free material to a website landing page. You will need to create a form in your automation software and embed this form on your website or use a third-party form and link this to your automation software. When a prospective client submits their details, they are directed to the material or sent an automated email with a link to the free material.

The client is then added into your automation account where you can check their profile and initiate the appropriate follow up.

2. Innovative contact and live chat options (Awareness & Consideration stages).

Including easy to find contact options and forms on your website is a no brainer. Some prospects will be happy to pick up the phone and call, while others will rather send an email or message via a form. Make all options equally attractive and accessible. Most importantly, any outreach to your business, whether by email, Facebook message or voicemail, should be followed up immediately.

Depending on your industry, a Live Chat feature could also be a real game changer. Think about a potential customer browsing websites for more information about your product or service. They come across a competitor’s website (a competitor with a shit website and even shittier product or service) and are able to have their questions answered immediately by a friendly online chat service. If you have someone sitting at a reception desk, you should have a live chat feature. 

3. Free trial and heavily discounted first month offers. (Consideration & Purchasing Stages)

While you never want to devalue the quality of your product or service, offering a free trial period and heavily discounted first month is an almost essential entry point today. Even if you are selling a tangible product, there is a good chance your competitors are offering a ‘try before you buy’ deal. A great pricing point guideline is to offer an introductory period slightly more than what a full member is paying (you don’t want current customers to think they are overpaying) but still discounted enough to attract early attention.

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